Taste of Italy is coming back to Downtown LA on October 14, 2017. For the perfect Italian night, get your ticket today using our promo codes!

For nearly a decade, The Italian American Museum of Los Angeles has taken it upon themselves to be the bearer of Italy’s culture here in Los Angeles at the beloved event, Taste of Italy. This festival brings a taste of familiarity to those who feel a twinge of homesickness for their ancestral home, and invites anyone else as an honorary member of the family.

Just one-year shy of the 10th anniversary of Taste of Italy, all your favorite activities are coming back on October 14 in Downtown LA, along with all-new events that are sure to impress!

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Pasta at Taste of Italy 2016

Drago Centro serving its signature garganelli pasta at Taste of Italy 2016 (Credit: Italian American Museum of Los Angeles)

What to Expect from Taste of Italy 2017

Along with the classic top-notch restaurants and wines, chef demonstrations, and celebrity guest appearances, there will be a beer garden presented by signature Italian beer company Birra Moretti, which has been making beer since 1859, i.e. even before Italy’s unification! But beer is not the only thing they’ve brought to the stage. Guests will also get to test their skills with a game of bocce in the Birra Moretti Bocce Court.

Among those providing delicious dishes for Taste of Italy 2017 are Drago Centro with their famous, house-made garganelli pasta with fennel pollen and lamb ragú (here in the 2015 edition), and Prova Pizzeria with genuine Neapolitan pizza, baked in an authentic wood-burning oven. To top off your meal, make sure to get panna cotta, frittelle (cream puffs), and more mouth-watering sweets from Carrara Pastries’ own Food Network star, Damiano Carrara, or gelato from Black Market Gelato, the U.S. finalist of the prestigious Gelato World Tour!

Other participating restaurants and brands include Di Stefano Cheese, Il Fornaio, Valentino, Celestino, Grom, Urbani Truffles, Nerano, Prosciutto di Parma… There is little in this world more Italian than the appreciation of fine dining.

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More bruschetta at Taste of Italy Los Angeles

Bruschetta at Taste of Italy 2015 (Credit: Mischa Rajendiran / Foodiamo)

Chef demonstrations taking place at the Pavilions Chef’s Stage include Mimmo Bruno, iconic cheesemaker who was one of the first to popularize burrata in the United States, and Chef Aurelio Barattini’s showcasing of local Tuscan flavors from Antica Locanda di Sesto in Lucca, which dates back to 1366.

Of course, taste relates to drinks as much as food, where a craving for cocktails will lead you to Caffé Fernet Branca, where Milano’s historic amaro is just one of many drinks to indulge in. This amaro was specifically crafted with a secret family recipe passed down between generations, so this portion is a taste of history!

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There are also going to be around 100 world-renowned wines and spirits served by Gruppo i Vinai, Limoncello, Prunotto, Casa Torelli, and many more. Keep an eye on the Road of Wine, who are presenting their much anticipated 2013 Barolo from Agricola Colle Belvedere/Gian Piero Marrone—a 95-point wine according to Decanter World Wine.

And what is dinner, without the show to accompany it? The program for entertainment at Taste of Italy 2017 showcases performances by LA Opera, the Dry Martini Orchestra, DJLo, Nick D’Egidio, and other artists big and small alike, each wanting to dazzle your senses beyond taste and smell.

Still not convinced? Read the recap of last year’s Taste of Italy, or watch the video below to get a sense of what’s going to happen on October 14.


Traditions and Memories Coming Together at Taste of Italy

One particular area of focus this year aims to celebrate the exhibition “The Sicilian Cart: History in Movement”, which runs until January 7, 2018 at the Italian-American Museum of Los Angeles (IAMLA). The exhibition features two original carretti siciliani, traditional horse/donkey-drawn carts from Sicily. To assist in this commemoration of Sicilian culture, Sicilian cuisine (grilled octopus, arancini, and cannoli being major delicacies) will play a big role. Internationally recognized singer Michela Musolino will also be performing Sicilian folk music with a contemporary approach.

Taste of Italy truly embodies the statement, “Home is where the heart is,” with people from all different cultures and backgrounds coming together as a family to celebrate what makes Italy so great: passion. Shared passion between chefs and foodies of the culinary arts creates ever-lasting bonds that transcend distance and time, allowing for a very strong sense of community and family.

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One bite of any delicious dish, a swirl of wine from the most hard-working and dedicated of people will bring wisps of memory for a feeling that many have not experienced since arriving to this country, the feeling of home. It speaks to not only the authenticity of Taste of Italy, but their eagerness to share Italian culture and allow all who wish into their family.

As the historian and Executive Director of the IAMLA, Marianna Gatto, explains, “Taste of Italy offers an authentic Italian experience in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Guests can enjoy the best Italian cuisine in the region and exceptional Italian wines in a charming, historic setting. Taste of Italy offers a glimpse of the region’s extensive Italian history and contemporary Italian lifestyle while supporting the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles.”

It’s an evening not to be missed by those passionate about Italian culture, and all those who attend may leave with a second home in their hearts. We hope to see you there on October 14!

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What: Taste of Italy 2017
Where: Pico House, 424 N. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90012
When: Sat. Oct 14, 2017 5:00pm – 10:00pm PDT
Info and tickets: Click here


Disclaimer: Foodiamo is a sponsor of the event and received media passes in exchange for coverage. Cover photo by Taso Papadakis, courtesy of the Italian-American Museum of Los Angeles, all rights reserved.