Contribute to the Italian earthquake relief efforts by visiting one of Foodiamo's partner restaurants

Last night, the historic town of Amatrice, 65 miles from Rome, was hit by a devastating earthquake. The neighboring towns of Accumoli, Arquata, and Pescara del Tronto, among others, were also struck. As of now, 247 people appear to have died, while 368 were injured.

Here at Foodiamo, on the other side of the ocean, we felt like we had to contribute to the relief efforts. As Italian food enthusiasts, we mostly knew Amatrice for being the birthplace of amatriciana, a tomato-based pasta sauce flavoured with guanciale, i.e. cured pork cheek, and usually served with bucatini (and yes, there’s some controversy over the origins of the dish and the “right” ingredients, but clearly that’s not the point here).

Amatrice is (was?) also one of Italy’s most beautiful small towns. It boasts about 100 churches filled with frescoes, mosaics, and sculptures. The first pictures showing “before” and “after” the quake are shocking.


Amatriciana for Amatrice: How your pasta can help earthquake relief efforts

As we anxiously follow the news from Italy, we are helping some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles promote their fundraising initiatives. How? Through pasta, of course.

For a limited time, you will be able to enjoy a good bowl of amatriciana pasta and contribute to earthquake relief. Each restaurant in the list below will donate a portion of the sales (or the total, in some cases) to fund relief efforts and post-earthquake reconstruction. The donations will go to respected and trustworthy organizations such as the Italian Red Cross.

Our friends at L’Italo Americano have also joined the campaign and are helping us spread the word. The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West, representing many Italian restaurants on the West Coast, urged them to participate. Hopefully, more will join in the future.

Some of these restaurants set up special menus and promotions, including other items besides pasta all’amatriciana. For details and availability, please contact the restaurants.

  • Barrique: Chef Antonio Murè will prepare amatriciana pasta and donate 100% of the sales to the earthquake relief efforts.
  • Bettolino Kitchen (Redondo Beach) will donate 25% of the proceeds for each amatriciana until September 1st.
  • Caffe Pinguini. A portion of the profit from amatriciana pasta sales will benefit the victims of the earthquake.
  • Carrara Pastries will donate $5 for each spaghetti all’amatriciana sold throughout the end of September. If you only want dessert, $2 for each eclair sold will also be donated.
  • E.Baldi Ristorante. Chef and owner Edoardo Baldi pledged to donate $2 for each amatriciana and match it with $2 out of his pocket for an entire year.
  • The various locations of Il Fornaio will donate $2.26 for every plate of bucatini all’amatriciana.
  • La Bruschetta Ristorante. Run by Genoa native Angelo Peloni, this restaurant makes great pesto. This time, though, you should order the amatriciana… it’s for a good cause!
  • La Parolaccia Osteria (Long Beach) will donate $5 of every special pasta of the week
  • Locanda del Lago. After a day at the beach in Santa Monica, stop by and get some bucatini all’amatriciana. $5 for every order will go to the Italian Red Cross.
  • Osteria La Buca. 100% of the sales of bucatini will go to Save The Children, which is also operating in Amatrice.
  • Osteria Mamma. They will donate $2 for every amatriciana they sell.
  • Osteria Mozza. For every bowl of bucatini sold, the Osteria will donate proceeds to earthquake relief efforts.
  • Pasta Sisters. If you still don’t know this little Italian deli, making pasta from scratch every day, this is the right time to go! Until August 31, they will donate $1 for each amatriciana plate.
  • Prince of Venice Food Truck. Amatriciana on the go? Yes, straight from one of the hottest food trucks in town! Also donating $2 for each bowl.
  • Sotto Los Angeles. You will find spaghetti all’amatriciana on a side menu. 100% of sales will go to earthquake relief.
  • Toscana. Get the rigatoni contadina and 50% of the sales will help the people of Amatrice. The fundraiser will run indefinitely.
  • Union (Pasadena). Until September 11, $10 from each sale of bucatini will be donated.
  • White House (Anaheim) will be offering spaghetti all’amatriciana for $10, with 100% of the sales to benefit the Italian kids of Amatrice affected by the earthquake. 

Feeling more like pizza? Until September 13, South End will offer a special “amatriciana pizza.” $10 will go to help the people of Amatrice. Bedda Pizzeria in Loomis, CA will donate $2 from every amatriciana pizza through all of September.

All Settebello locations across California, Nevada, and Utah will donate $4 for each pizza amatriciana sold (remember? We talked with one of their pizza chefs).

amatriciana for amatrice foodiamo


If you are in San Francisco, Montesacro Pinseria-Enoteca54 Mint – Ristorante ItalianoA16, Italico Restaurant, and Terun are also running similar promotions. In La Jolla, check out Acquavite. In Seattle, you should visit The Pink Door. In Portland, Mucca Osteria. For a nationwide list, see here.

Raffaele- here is our amatriciana pizza. (Photo attached). We will start selling tomorrow and continue thru all of September. We will be donating $2 from every amatriciana pizza sold for the whole month. Let me know if you need any other information.

Not to mention the hundreds of restaurants throughout Italy that are going to donate a portion of their sales to the Red Cross.

What are you waiting for? For once, you won’t just enjoy a delicious (Italian) meal, but you’ll also contribute to a good cause.


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